The cast of Ted2 Movie

Ted is a talking teddy bear and married to his long-time girlfriend, Tami-lyn. He has a best friend, John, who agreed to be the sperm donor to help Ted have a baby in this sequel. This comedy hit is about a teddy bear that lives like a human. But the state of Massachusetts needs approval so that Ted can be considered as a human, and bases the court of law’s judgment so they can be legal parents. The frisky and foul-mouthed teddy bear still fight for the battle to be legalized and sure to win. Here are the cast and characters, director, and writers under the success of the movie Ted2.

  • Directed by:
  • Seth MacFarlane
  • The Writers:
  • Seth MacFarlane
  • Wellesley Wild
  • Alec Sulkin
  • The cast
  • Mark Wahlberg (as John)
  • Seth MacFarlane (as Ted’s voice)
  • Amanda Seyfried (Samantha )
  • Jessica Barth (Tammy-Lyn)
  • Sebastian Arcelus (DR. Ed Dancer)
  • Jay Patterson (Karl Jackson)
  • Giovanni Ribisi (Donny)
  • Morgan Freeman (Patrick Meigh)
  • Jay Leno ( Jay Leno)
  • Michael Dorn (Rick)
  • John Slattery (Shep Wild)
  • Jessica Szohr (Allison)
  • Cocoa Brown (Joy)
  • John Carroll Lynch (Tom Jessup)
  • Bill Smitrovich (Frank)
  • Bart A. Pissitello Jr. (Bailiff)
  • Alec Sulkin (Obi-Wan)
  • Patrick Stewart (Voice Narrator)
  • Becki Dennis (Receptionist)
  • Curtis Stigers (Wedding Singer)
  • Liam Neeson (Customer)
  • Lexi Atkins (Waitress)
  • Patrick Warburton (Guy)
  • Craig Ricci Shaynak (Blind Guy)
  • Ron Canada (Judge)
  • Frank Lyod (juror)
  • Vanessa Vander Pluym (juror)
  • J. Mark Donaldson (juror)
  • Ralph Garman (Stormtrooper)
  • Jack Knight (Todd Kidder)
  • Michael Steven Costello (Jury Foreman)
  • Nana Visitor (Adaption Agent)
  • Maggie Geha ( Female Nurse)
  • Dennis Haysbert (Fertility Doctor)
  • Julius Sharpe (NYC Doctor)
  • Liz Morgan (NYC Nurse)
  • Altina Lester (Portuguese Neighbor)
  • William Xifaras (Boston Neighbor)
  • Lauren Sanchez (Boston New Caster)
  • Robert Holfelder (Bandleader)
  • Michael Trisler (Cyclist)
  • Kate McKinnon (Herself)
  • Tom Brady (Himself)
  • Sam J. Jones (Himself)
  • Jimmy Kimmel (Himself)
  • Bobby Moynihan (Himself)
  • Taran Killam (Himself)

Some Things That You Need to Know About Ted2

This hilarious and successful movie, Ted2, is directed by Seth MacFarlane’s, which the story of a talking teddy bears Ted and his best friend, John. Ted got married to his pretty girlfriend, Tami-lyn. After one year of their marriage, the couple wants to have a child. Supposedly, Ted is a teddy bear that can’t help to produce a baby and can’t impregnate his wife to have their baby. By the help of his best friend, John wants to help his best friend Ted to have a baby that he is willing to donor some sperm cell. But it turns out when they know that Tami-lyn can’t have a child because of her historical drug abuse. So, the couple decided to adopt a child. But to be a legal parent, Ted is required to get approval by the court of law that he is a human.

After this movie was released, it made so many fans wanting to know more facts about Ted2.

Did You Know That Ted Movie Had A Serious Success?

  • It recorded $549 million box office hit worldwide and also become one of the highest grossing fills in the year 2012. Also, the movie received an award of being the “People’s choice award,” “MTV Award,” and “Empire Award.”

  • It was the first time for Mark Wahlberg to appear in both the original movie and its sequel, Ted and Ted2.

  • In the time of filming, Mila Kunis was pregnant with her first baby, so she is not reprising her role as Lori.

  • Mark Wahlberg said that Ted the teddy bear is a 100% Irish, a Boston Irish Protestant or a Boston Irish Catholic.

  • There is a part in the movie that was cut out. It was the role of Stephen Collin, who played as a character of Eric Camden in the TV show 7th Heaven since he was alleged of child abuse. So, his part was cut out in the film.

  • It is the second time for the female lead, Samantha, to work with director Seth MacFarlane, after their movie “A Million Ways to Die in the West,” which is released in the year 2014.

Ted2 Movie

The Ted2 movie was the sequel of film Ted in 2012. It is an American comedy movie directed by Seth MacFarlane and written by Wellesley Wild, Alec Sulkin, and MacFarlane in the year 2015. This is the story of Ted, the teddy bear that has life and marries to his girlfriend Tamy-lyn. The newlyweds Tami-lyn and Ted are planning to have a child. But Ted needs approval in the court of law that he is a person, and gets approved for them to qualify as a parent. On June 26, 2015, this movie was released by Universal Picture Home Entertainment. The total worldwide gross of this film was over $216.000.000 million, which is one of the highest grossing movies in the year 2012 and has an estimated budget of 68,000,000. This movie also received awards, like Empire Award, People’s Choice Award, and MTV Movie Awards.

A Short Plot of the Movie:

John has been divorced for five months from his ex-wife Lori Collins. In the meantime, his best friend Ted got married to his girlfriend Tami-lyn. One-year past of their marriage, Ted and Tami-lyn decided to have a baby. With the help of John, he approved to help Ted to find for the sperm donor for his baby. In finding donor, they asked every person that they know. They asked Sam Jones and Tom Brady but all those did not work and turned to nothing. So, John decided to donor sperm, but Tami-lyn was infertile because of her historical use of drugs. In failure of planning to have their baby, the couple decided to adopt. But to get approved and qualify to be a parent, Ted needs to get approval in the court of law for a legal status that he is a person. After so many processes and things that happened, Ted won the case, and all of the people in Boston celebrated. He proposes again to Tami-lyn and adopts a kid they called Apollo Creed Clubber Lang, which also has a toy like a mini Ted.